Ancient Egyptian Day! 

We had the most fantastic day yesterday learning all about ancient Egypt. We learnt to dance like Egyptians, we ate Egyptian breakfast, learnt about Egyptian maths and writing, and best of all we got to hold and learn about 5000 year old artefacts that Mr Egypt (our visitor) has found over his 40 year career as an Egyptologist.

A huge thank you to parents/carers for the incredible costumes you put together, they really added to our day!

Here are loads of photos of all the fun we had!



“The coolest science lesson ever!” 

Today in science we started a new topic… states of matter! 

To start us off, we investigated ice balls! The children were given a range of resources and given free reign over what they did to their ice ball. They were doing all kinds of things: chiselling away at them with spoons, melting them with salt and re-freezing paper clips in them, pouring food colouring over the cracks to show up the inside of the ice, and shining torches on them to see how light travels through them… we had a great time! Here are some pictures from our lesson! 

Traction Man is here!

We’ve been using a book Called Traction Man is Here! In our Literacy lessons this week, we’re writing or our Traction Man adventures and there are more Traction Man books by Mini Grey if you want to check them out! Here are our best Traction Man poses!

Languages Day! 

We had a lovely Languages Day last week. We made multi-language bookmarks with the German and French names for colours on, don’t they look lovely! We also had a visit from a French teacher called Mrs Wyatt who taught us how to say different things about ourselves like our ages and where we lived! 

In the afternoon we had a fantastic picnic! Thank you to all who donated food from another country or culture! 

Tri-Golf at Ricky

We had a great time at Rickmansworth School taking part in the tri-golf tournament! Here are some pictures from the day! 

Active Maths lessons! 

In maths this week we have been learning about some really big numbers, all the way up to 999,999! Today in our lesson we arranged ourselves from smallest to biggest numbers, we even did negative numbers and decimal numbers. Here are some snaps from while we were working…  


Book Week competition

Have you created your own Roald Dahl character for our Book Week family competition yet? I have extended the deadline until Friday 6th October. I am very impressed with the level of creativity so far so put your heads together and share your ideas with each other! The prize is a family hamper!