Monthly Archives: September 2016

Today we had a workshop with visiting author Linda Aronson where we planned our own original episode of the Simpsons.  


Class 4 performed beautifully in the Harvest Festival assembly this week. Here are a few snaps!


In our Science lesson this week we went outside to hunt for invertebrates in our local environment. We found LOADS! We discussed how to handle these living things while collecting them before we brought them back to the classroom for a closer look through a magnifying glass and some sketching. Look what we found!

Go to our book blog to find out who won!

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Prizes will be awarded in Friday’s assembly!

This week in PE we have been thinking about how particular movements like jumps, balances and spins fit with different types of music. We thought about how to link these moves together with different ways of travelling.

In history we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians and today we worked out where in the history of the world they fit. Did you know that the Ancient Egyptian civilisation existed between 15000BC and 7500BC?


We’ve been thinking about what goals we hope to achieve by the end of year 4 and have loads of ideas, everything from getting a pen licence, to improving football skills, spelling skills, listening skills, reading skills and being a better friend. How can you help us reach our goals?