Monthly Archives: February 2017

Today in science, we became particles! We have been learning about how particles in solids, liquids and gases behave.


The particles in a solid are structured and organised in a consistent pattern. They cannot move around, they just vibrate, this is why solids keep their shape.

We modelled this by standing in straight lines very close together, liking our arms and bobbing up and down.




The particles in liquids are free to move around each other, which is why liquids can flow, but they are still touching.

We modelled this by moving around each other but still making our arms touch.



The particles in gases are not attached to each other so they spread out and move around freely, this is why gases disperse.

We modelled this by running around!


As part of our RE topic ‘Sharing food in Religions’ we did some DT and made pancakes as Christians do to mark the beginning of lent and the coming of Easter! Here are some photos…  


It’s book week!

This week is book week! Please look at our book blog to see what is happening!

Have you got your costume ready for Thursday?

This morning was our class assembly, I am happy to say that it was roaring success! Class 4 performed brilliantly!  

 Thank you so much to all those at home who helped them learn their lines and helped put costumes together. 

Here are some photos of our performance.