Play scripts in Literacy 

Over the coming weeks we will be learning all about playscripts. We had a go at creating a performance using one today based on one of Aesop’s fables “The North Wind and the Sun”. Here are some action shots taken during rehearsals. 



Gurdwara trip 

Class 4 had a brilliant time at the Gurdwara last week, learning all about the Sikh temple and the Sikh faith. Here are some photos from our morning…  


World Book Day!

Today was world book day and everyone came in wearing brilliant book-inspired costumes! We had everything from Gansta Grannies to Where’s Wallies, and even a few giant peaches! The costume winner for Class 4 was Jai Arora! Well done Jai! Enjoy spending your book voucher!

Here are a few pictures of the fabulous costumes in Class 4! A huge thank you to parents for all your hard work putting these costumes together, today wouldn’t have been possible without you!


Shared writing! 

Today in class 4 we were joined by children from reception. We read the book The Smartest Giant in Town and then did some writing in role. We pretended to be different characters from the story, writing thank you letters to the giant thanking him for giving them his smart clothes to use. 



Particle Role Play!

Today in science, we became particles! We have been learning about how particles in solids, liquids and gases behave.


The particles in a solid are structured and organised in a consistent pattern. They cannot move around, they just vibrate, this is why solids keep their shape.

We modelled this by standing in straight lines very close together, liking our arms and bobbing up and down.




The particles in liquids are free to move around each other, which is why liquids can flow, but they are still touching.

We modelled this by moving around each other but still making our arms touch.



The particles in gases are not attached to each other so they spread out and move around freely, this is why gases disperse.

We modelled this by running around!


Pancake Day! 

As part of our RE topic ‘Sharing food in Religions’ we did some DT and made pancakes as Christians do to mark the beginning of lent and the coming of Easter! Here are some photos…  


Book Week

It’s book week!

This week is book week! Please look at our book blog to see what is happening!

Have you got your costume ready for Thursday?