Indoor Athletics!

Last week we had a fantastic afternoon at the Ricky School Indoor Athletics, everyone did brilliantly in their races! Thank you to the wonderful parent helpers who came along with us too. Here are some pictures from the event.


Thanks for thinking! 

This year our focus for thanks for thinking day was “How is music used in different religions?” We had a visit from Mr Singh, he talked to us about Sikhism, we learnt all about the 5 K’s, being a Sikh, and what the Sikh temple (Gurdwara) is like. Liam got to try on a turban! 

In the afternoon we wrote our own songs to familiar tunes for things that we are thankful for. Class 4 are thankful for lots of things including Mario, iPads, chocolate, oxygen, family, friends and love! 

Then Mr Jones came and spoke to us about how music is used in Christianity and we looked at different worship songs and styles of music. We learnt that worship doesn’t have to be singing, it can be anything that involves you spending time with God. 

Here are some snaps from the day…  















Balancing in Gymnastics 

We have started doing gymnastics in our PE lessons, we started of by making up travelling sequences and today we tried out lots of different balances, some by ourselves and some with partners. Here are some pictures of us in action…  


Investigating tooth decay

In our science lessons this term we have been learning all about teeth and tooth decay. We carried out an invegtigation into the types of liquids that can cause damage to your teeth. We found out that sugary and acidic drinks can make teeth change colour, shrink and go mouldy! Here are some pictures of us finding out the results. 



African drumming workshop

Last week we had a visitor who came to teach us some African drumming. Here are some photos!  







NHM @ Tring 

We had a super trip on Monday at the Natural History Museum in Tring! We learnt all about adaptation and how animals are suited to their habitats and why they have to change over time. We also spent lots of time exploring the museum and looking at all the fascinating creatures that are on display!


Making Shabti Dolls in History

In our history lessons we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt.

Last week we made shabti dolls from clay like the ones that would have been buried with pharaohs in their tombs. They believed that these dolls would become servants in the afterlife so some pharaohs were buried with huhndreds of these little clay dolls.